Minds Spacial and Mathematical — in Quilts

One of the most delightful quilts we’ve ever seen was a cushy, quilted form of the Periodic Table of Elements. It was done for a graduate student in chemistry. We love science, maps and exploration and would love to see more quilts celebrating the natural world, math, space, physics, engineering…

Tonight we’re featuring three quilts that do that. One, the New York subway map, we’ve shown before. We hope they inspire some new forms of quilting. We love the old traditions and old patterns. Can we adapt those to themes that are scientific, that are spacial, that celebrate math and discovery?

Thanks go to Wendy, Lisa and Faith for sharing their work with all of us. It is inspiring.

from: Wendy Ellen Arend: “Hidden Pi made with math themed fabric for by very smart and very sweet 16 year old son.”

Pi. It’s that constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. 3.14159 (more or less) It helps us in trigonometry, with fractals (and we’d love to see some quilts with a fractal motif!), mechanics, thermodynamics. We even have a Pi Day on March 14. A Pi Quilt could keep a mind thinking a very long time…

from: Lisa Wright Villarreal: “Version two of the he Northcott Stonehenge outta of this world wall hanging. This one has crystals instead of the lights.”

As we wrap ourselves in quilts at night, it’s marvelous to contemplate the workings of the solar system.

from: Faith Spencer: “My 6 yr old grandson moved to NYC last year. He instantly became obsessed with subway. I had the fabric created for this and design the border.”

One of the most important things in life is to know where we are and how to get to where we need to go…and to do that in a spirit of adventure and fun. Even the colors in this quilted subway map, and reflected again in the border, show that spirit.

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