“Modern X” Quilt Pattern Mixes Patchwork And Jelly Rolls For An Easy And Beautiful Quilt

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Isn’t this quilt just stunning? I love everything about what’s going on here, from the color palette of greens and blues, to the contrasting white background that makes everything pop all the more. Of course, I love the design as well! What’s not to love? Master quilter, Angela Walters created this free pattern for us to follow along and quilt!

It may look complicated, but with a jelly roll and some background fabric, and of course a trusted ruler and rotary cutter, you’ll be on your way to cutting and piecing in no time.

x quilt 3
Here, you can see all of the pieces that make up this quilt. Well, most of them. The first piece, which isn’t pictured, is a 36 patch block. That’s right, it’s four times as fun as a nine patch block! Once you have the 36 patch block done, you’ll line up your strips and get well acquainted with the 45-degree line on your ruler.

Angela really outdid herself on this lovely pattern! She reminds us that since some of the strips are cut on the biased, while others are not, your points might not line up perfectly. In fact, you should go ahead and plan on them not lining up very well at all. But that’s where your awesome skills of quilting distraction come in! Angela has a bunch of quilting tips for us in the video below.


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