More Sues: December 15

It’s been fun looking at all the Sunbonnet Sues that have recently been posted at 24 Blocks. Here are just a few we’ve selected to feature….

from Atodopatchwork San Cibrao

We love this Sue appliqued onto a quilt that appears to have blocks with differing grid structures..and all in soft colors. Sue, in a darker red frock and a green bonnet, is a perfect contrast. Her little eyelet pinafore, the use of real ribbon on her bonnet and the addition of appliqued balloons is just delightful.

from Grt-Grt Granny Shirley Page-Deslatte: “I have several “Sues & Sams” from the 30’s – 40’s, but I love this one – I think it shows her all grown up as a young lady.”

Notice the Double Wedding Ring on the bed, too! It’s so nice to see two quilts that compliment each other in color and style/vintage.

from: Pat Adney: “My Sunbonnet Sue is made with blocks from a swap. It is hanging sideways. I call it “Sunbonnet Sue through the year.” There is a different block for each month of the year. The ladies who participated were very imaginative–as the fireworks for July and Sue chasing the turkey for November,etc.”

It’s wonderful to see…even sideways! Notice Sue skiing (January) and dressed as a witch (October).

from: Judy Muin-Henry: “12 month of sun bonnet Sue”

These blocks, showing Sue in a different activity each month, are just delightful! Notice that she looks to be talking over the fence to a friend in May.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of Sue, and of quilting, with our community.

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