Turn Those Old Neck Ties Into Something Awesome – We Can’t Get Enough Of This Upcycle!!

There are some items of clothing and accessories that are timeless, staying “in style” basically forever…then there are others that are really not. (…Hideous might be a better word for some of the things we’ve seen in our day.)

We know we have worn certain things that would be better suited for a trash can, but we’re not the only guilty ones here – we absolutely despise some of the old neck ties we see hanging up in the closet day after day. Something needed to be done.

Instead of giving them (or throwing them) away, we decided to breathe new life into said ties and Fons & Porter helped us do just that! Follow along and learn how to turn your ties into string blocks. We promise, they’ll look 100x better hanging on the wall than they do in your closet, vie it a shot!


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