One Way to Help Oklahoma: May 23

Many in the 24 Blocks quilting community have been asking how to get handmade quilts to those in Oklahoma who have been hurt by the recent tornados. Since we are a part of social media we can all share the information we have. Quilters have a long tradition of ìcoming throughî in times of need and many guilds and other groups have historically made quilts for those effected by disasters.

As with any endeavor after a disaster, the question arises ìhow to get the quilts thereî. Weíd like to invite our readers to share information about groups on the ground that could receive donations of quilts and distribute them.

One group is Project Linus. It has a long history of making sure that blankets (and they do consider quilts as ìblanketsî) get to children and teens in need. That is their purpose.

Tasha Stefanatos is the Project Linus Chapter Coordinator out of Oklahoma City. Her region covers Moore. She has graciously said they are accepting donations of blankets (aka quilts) that can be shipped there via UPS or FedEx. She especially wishes to thank you all for your help. If you or your group wishes to send quilts to their Project Linus chapter, Tasha recommends that they be shipped to her store where the deliveries can easily be received. The address is:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Attn: Tasha Stefanatos
3131 W. Memorial Ste A
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

You can get more information about the Oklahoma City Chapter on the Project Linus website at If youíd like to communicate with Tasha directly her email is

If you are interested in sending a quilt to Project Linus weíd like to suggest that you check out the projectís FAQ at One important paragraph reads:

ìProject Linus welcomes blankets of all styles, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors. Blankets must be new, handmade and washable. In addition, they must come from a smoke-free environment.î

Weíre sure that others in our very active community also have developed contacts on the ground who can receive and distribute quilts to adults as well. Seniors may especially need the comfort of a handmade quilt. Weíd like to invite you to share that information either by posting on our 24 Blocks Facebook page or in the comments to this post. Thank you!! We do help comfort.

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