Quick, Easy And Accurate, Learn To Make 8 Triangle Squares At Once!

From start to finish, we love the entire process of quilting. Sure, at times it can feel tedius, cumbersome, and never ending, but regardless if we are at the point of choosing our fabric, measuring and cutting out our pieces, pinning, sewing (the list could go on and on), we love it. But with that said, it does not mean we aren’t always looking for new ways to do something or processes that can make the whole thing more efficient.

Well, we have to tell you that our friends at Fons & Porter have done it again and we are sure this is what you call efficient quilting!

Using the method shown in the video below by Jean and Colleen, you can make 8 triangle squares at once! How easy is the process you ask? Sew easy (their joke, not ours!). Now, go give it a try and let us know what you think!


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