Quilt Inspiration: A Classic with Windows of the Personal


Caryn Lee‘s beautiful quilt, of her own design, has that unique quality of using tradtional themes with historic colors and geometric patterns, while updating it with very personal symbols in the windows.

The biege and black, with the use of checkerboard patterns, looks very Tudor— English Tudor–like something from classic heraldry of the 16th or 17th century. Meanwhile the houses and church look very Midwestern like something from the Kansas City Star in the 1930’s. The fabric choices for the buildings are just wonderful, especially that first one in the 3rd row that makes it look like some colonial brick work.

The real secret of the design, however, is in the windows. Caryn writes that she made the quilt for a friend. Each window has a picture of something from his life. His wife had passed away and Caryn was able to use just a bit of fabric from her wedding gown for the curtains in one window. Another window has his favorite Bible verse. Others are symbols of importance to him that were printed on fabric sheets (from June Tailor). They include his cat, his favorite hobbies, a badge. Caryn writes that the back of the quilt is pieced, also. We loved, especially, her last comment, “Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked giving it!

Caryn’s work shows not just friendship and the wonder of creating something beautiful & meaningful for someone else, but also the courage that comes from design creativity. There are many sources for patterns of buildings, but putting those together in the way she did is just stunning. She has a great eye for color and balance. It does mix the classic with the personal…always a combination that warms the heart.

Thank you, Caryn, for sharing with us all at 24 Blocks.

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