Quilt Inspiration: A Double Wedding Ring


Traditional Double Wedding Ring quilts remind us of the days when they were frequently made as wedding gifts or by the bride-to-be for her hope chest. Seeing one on a vintage white wicker porch chair brings up memories of lazy summer days when grandmothers or great-aunts would retire to the porch or outside under a shade tree and take up their needlework. It was usually when the day’s chores were done or all the babies were napping. If there was a family wedding on the horizon, a Double Wedding Ring quilt might have been the one being made.

Although we tend to think of the pattern as very old, researchers have not been able to trace a published pattern for it back further than 1928. Most of the quilts from that period through the 1940’s used printed pastels in the interlocking rings. The Double Wedding Ring quilt also brought a bit of romance in a time of Depression and World War. One piece of folklore we have heard is that the quilt brings good luck to a newly married couple.

Today there are many patterns available online or in quilting books. The variations on how a Double Wedding Ring could be made are endless, including modern adaptations.

What do you think? Are you inspired to try one for the next family wedding? Click the link at the bottom of the page to see more quilt inspiration!

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