Quilted Stars in Red, White and Blue

The eight-point star motif always has a simple elegance to it. It’s so perfectly suited, too, for quilts in red, white and blue. Here are three from our readers, plus one great barn block. We hope they give you some ideas for a quilt, wall hanging, table runner or placemats that you could make.

Thanks go to Faye, Jennifer, Kj and Bonnie for sharing their work with us.

from: Faye Neff: “I made this several years ago from a magazine pattern. 8 pointed stars are different navy fabrics and red and white blocks are courthouse steps. It is a 80×80″ window covering.”

from: Jennifer Prayle Mason: “A photo from Jennifer”

from: Kj Nelson: “Another set of RWB’s. Never go out of style!”

from: Bonnie Steger: “A photo from Bonnie”

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