Quilted Wedding Memories

We love quilts that are made as wedding gifts, as memory-holders for anniversary celebrations or for decorations at receptions. They allow the quilt to hold so many wonderful memories and for those to be passed on through the generations.

When we married we received three quilts. I had helped make one. It was one of those cross-stitch quilts that came in a kit and was properly refined when paired with a dust ruffle. My mother-in-law made a practical cotton free-form quilt much like a crazy quilt but without embellishments. It kept us warm. The third was made by an great-aunt who was about 90 at the time and who still did everything by hand. Her’s was a beautiful applique in the Ohio Rose pattern since I was from Ohio. She had never quite accepted that modern beds were larger than the 3/4 size of her Kentucky youth so it was made only to fit the antique rope bed no one used anymore. It was, however, the most cherished. Her hands must have been in pain with every stitch and her eyesight was faltering. But she would not be stopped.

There are so many ways now to make quilts for wedding gifts or for anniversary receptions. While Double Wedding Ring and Log Cabin have been traditional, almost anything can “work”. Well…maybe not Drunkard’s Path….

Here are some that have been shared with us by our readers. Thanks go to Sharyn, Rebecca, and Jackie for sharing them with us all. We’d love to see yours, too!

from: Sharyn Woodruff: “this was made for my nephew and his to be bride…who is an awesome lady, so glad she is to become a part of this family…this is my gift of love for you both”

from: Rebecca Plourde: “A photo from Rebecca”

from: Jackie Capurro: “When our son Tom married, I celebrated their lives in this quilt, using a Double Wedding Ring quilting motif in the center. The quilt is measured so that the white lattice-looking area lines the edge of the top of a queen-sized bed, and the dark blue area with the paper-pieced hearts hangs down the sides and bottom of the bed. The Double Wedding Rings in the center are actually made up of tiny photos of the bride and groom, from baby pictures, school pictures, pictures of family and best friends, and up to pictures of the wedding invitation and bridal shower — even the family pets!Jackie Capurro, San Jose, CA”

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