Quilter Spotlight: Erin Wilson, Color Studies

Storyboard #2 erin wilson

Erin Wilson: Storyboard #2

Today we travel inside the imagination of Erin Wilson, a Brooklyn-based quilter whose work has been featured in shows all across the country. Erin’s mother taught her to quilt from an early age.

QuiltsErin has a unique and interesting methodology behind her quilting. In her own words:

My work begins with the interplay of colors. I dye my fabrics without rigid recipes or formulas, achieving subtle variations in each color family through repeated mixing and gradation of the dyes.

Technically, I adhere to the traditional rules of patchwork ñ the quilts are entirely pieced. But, like my dyeing, my design process is spontaneous, without advance planning or sketching. The piecing is intricate: thin strips of fabric sometimes as narrow as 1/16? become like pen lines on each small ìcanvas.î Contained within the regularity of the overall grid structure, each block is a separate vibrant, complex composition, dense with visual information. Although I have built up a language of forms and gestures that recur in my work, each block is a new improvisation. No two are alike. I draw inspiration from all directions: the urban architecture that surrounds me, a chance grouping of colors on the fabric shelf, my imagination.

I hope the resulting quilts are satisfying on two levels: from a distance, there is an overall color flow in the arrangement of the blocks; up close, each block contains a story without words, to be discovered- or invented- by the viewer. (Source)

The results are fascinating. Close up, the blocks are certainly unique and interesting, but not quite as show-stopping as individual pieces than as a whole:

Closeup erin wilson
Wilson’s genius is in her arrangement of the small parts into the whole. When you get some distance from the quilt, the patterns you can lose yourself in begin to emerge. Did you ever play “Magic Eye?” If you unfocus your eyes in just the right way, you start to see shapes and images that weren’t there before There’s a shark in this one, for example:

(Click to enlarge)

All this as a prelude to the gorgeous quilts of Erin Wilson. Feast your eyes on these!

Cobalt, erin wilson

Erin Wilson: Cobalt
Color story_ aquamarine, erin wilson

Erin Wilson: Color Story, Aquamarine

Storyboard #2 erin wilson

Erin Wilson: Storyboard #12
Storyboard #2 erin wilson

Erin Wilson: Storyboard #11

Find more of Erin Wilson’s quilts here, and we hope you found this inspiring!

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