Quilting in History: Maze Quilt

Here at 24 Blocks, we’re committed to bringing you interesting stories in the rich history of quilting. Today’s story in this series is the Amiens Maze Quilt by Margaret Cabell McClelland.

  • Dimensions: 83 1/2 x 79 1/2 inches.
  • Place of Origin: Virginia
  • Date: 1850
  • Displayed: DAR Museum collection
  • Materials: Cotton

  • Maze Quilt

    Maze with Wall of Troy and Greek Keys Borders, c. 1850 by Margaret Cabell McClelland. From the special exhibit “The DAR Museum Collection: Quilts of a Young Country.”

    From American Quilts: The Democratic Art, 1780-2007, by Robert Shaw:

    The quilt is cotton, hand-pieced, hand-appliquÈd, and hand-quilted, 83 1/2 x 79 1/2 inches. Collection of the DAR Museum; gift of Margaret Gillespie Willis.

    The design of this unique maze quilt is said to have been based on a mosaic floor at Amiens Cathedral in France, Amiens, a classic Gothic structure completed in 1266, is the tallest cathedral in France and is renowned for its inlaid floors.

    Pictured below is the maze mosaic labyrinth in the interior of Amiens cathedral, and the cathedral’s exterior. Walking the labyrinth at a cathedral is said to be a sacred spiritual experience, one of meditation and of giving one’s mind up to God.



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