Quilting with Conscience: Quilts of Valor

The art of quilting lends itself very easily to projects that make a difference. Here at 24 Blocks we will bring you a stories of a quilting projects that have done just that.


Crew from All American DUSTOFF outside Bagram CASH (Afghanistan) with a Quilt of Valor. (Source)

Quilts of Valor is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing current and former United States servicemen and women with handmade quilts to heal and comfort those touched by war. Founded in 2003 by Catherine Roberts in her sewing room in Seaford, Delaware, QOV has donated over 65,532 (as of May 2012) to service members and veterans. The organization is growing fast and gaining in popularity, doubling its number of quilts awarded in the last year.

Each Quilt of Valor is made according to a set of basic requirements:

  • The fabric must be 100% cotton, high thread count, of good quality, and unused.
    Kathy Koontz

    Kathy Coontz
  • The quilt must be at least 55″ X 65″
  • The quilt must be use quality batting
  • The quilt must have a label indicating that it is a Quilt of Valor
  • The quilt must come with a presentation case and a letter or journal about its story, from the quilt-maker
  • Patriotic patterns and color themes are preferred
  • The quilt must not have a juvenile theme (intended for babies or children)

The mission of Quilts of Valor, as stated on their website, it “to cover ALL combat service members and veterans touched by the war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. This foundation is not about politics,” the statement continues, “It’s about people.” Volunteers in the QOV process can be either toppers, longarmers, or both (see more here).

The Quilts of Valor website is chock full of detailed information about participating in any of the steps of this charitable process. Take a look here if you are interested in learning more.

173rd FIghter Wing

173rd Fighter Wing, Klamath Falls, OR

Delores Wagner Quilts of Valor

Delores Wagner and her Quilt of Valor (Source)

U.S. Navy SEAL's K9 Longtime Partner Was Laid To Rest With A Heartfelt Tribute: Click “Next Page” below!

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