Quilts and Friends

Quilting has historically had many of its roots in families, in school and church groups, in guilds, in clubs, and just in friends who got together to piece, applique and quilt. Most of us have vintage quilts that we say were made by a grandmother or great aunt, but we know that several of their cousins may have helped, or their best friends or neighbors. Maybe we also know how to have fun, and how our craft and art helps us through the hard times.

Tonight we’d like to celebrate that spirit of fun, of sharing fabric, of going on retreats and to classes, of challenges, of teaching children, of helping each other. Thanks go to Claudia, Celeste and Shirley for sharing these with us all.

from: Claudia Graham: “Three girls, three fat quarters and a challenge. This is what I came up with. I’m still waiting to see what the other two come up with.”

from: Celeste Willat: “Flags of Spanish Speaking Nations, made with 5th graders for the school auction. They loved learning to use the sewing machine.It’s now hanging in the school library. “

from: Shirley Salo: “Quilt I designed for a friend called Coffee, Tea & Bible Class”

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