Quilts Like Jewels in Motion: March 6

There have been so many wonderful quilts recently shared at 24 Blocks! It’s just a delight to get up each morning and see new works of art.

This morning we’d like to feature a few that almost look, from a distance, like jewels in motion. Some, like Brenda’s, were complex to make, taking years to complete. Others are more minimalist, relying on bold swaths of color for the feel of expanding motion. We hope they help inspire and energize this morning!

from Brenda Schupska: “Whirling Hexagons. Another UFO polished off . . . I think I started this in 1999, then hauled it out to finish last summer. There are 342 hexagons, all different except two.

from: Jan Campbell: “This is my string quilt from scrap fabrics I have in my quilt shop. I love the “X” and “O” effect. “

from: Marcia Werries Craft: “I made this for my daughter-in-law”

from: Lisa Payne: “A queen size completely hand sewn. Loved making it, this one is my second quilt. “

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