Quilts: On the Bed and the Wall

Several of our readers have shared with us, in the last few weeks, entrancing photos of bed or crib quilts that have coordinating works on the wall above. All them of make for well-designed rooms that just draw in the eye. So, for your Friday morning’s inspiration, here are just two that we selected. Both do marvelous jobs of tying the whole space together with charm.

Do we hear the sound of some weekend projects starting up??

from: Lois Black: “A photo from Lois”

Lois’s photo shows almost a woodland delight. The bargello in pinks and blues and with the heart shape is a good counterpoint to the very simple quilt on the bed. The woodland pillows are a perfect touch.

from: Nini Weaver: “Quilt, pillow, and framed letters I made for my daughters nursery.”

Nini’s crib blanket and pillow are so fanciful, while the black, pink and white in the horizontal fabrics are, well, they are chic. Using the same material for framed letters is something that’s easy to do and carries out the whole look perfectly.

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