Quilts to Fight the Cold: January 6

It’s very cold where we are. We’ve piled more quilts on the beds and have one or two on sofas and chairs along with the wool afghans. Many of our readers have recently posted photos of quilts they’ve done that seem to speak to the weather. We hope you enjoy this group we’ve selected. The captions are in their own words.

from: Allanah Buckley Lewis: “I just thought I would share this with you all. I am halfway through stitching this design by Susan Powell ” celestial dreams” I don’t know if I’ll ever get it finished as we are having a heat wave just now and I’m back to work next week!”

We’re not sure where Allanah is, but it’s nice to know there’s a heat wave somewhere! This quilt is just wonderful to see. It be “Celestial Dreams”, but we can dream of the warm sun. It is beautiful and colorful and fun.

from: Stacia Roble: “in light of the current “arctic vortex” we all are experiencing (even here in Atlanta), I added some apropos lettering to my snowman wall quilt mantel display!”

The snowman wallhanging is the perfect backdrop to snowmen on the mantle. And, yes, “Burrrrrrr”.

from: Ruth Moses Lovell: “His quilt is entitled “After the storm”. Seems like every Spring the USA has tornadoes, then followed by Hurricanes. The front represents the spinning weather and the back of the quilt has frogs to represent the first life to begin anew after the storm. It is king size and made paper pieced by a Judy Niemeyer pattern.”

We have really enjoyed seeing Ruth’s work! This one is beautiful and the name “After the Storm” does to remind us of the turmoil of nature….or maybe our own capacity to generate warm through our quilting and our love!

from: Charlotte Timmons: “Our quilting guild challenged us to create a self-portrait for the upcoming quilter’s convention. I had lot’s of ideas: paint of fabric, applique, ink jet on fabric creation and mosaic. I chose mosaic and this is what I came up with yesterday. It took me a day to cut 1 1/4 inch squares and a day to sew them together. Now, let’s see how it looks quilted. If I stand three rooms back, it looks pretty good.”

Charlotte, it is very beautiful! The work is just wonderful and looks like it was done in silk. Your combination of media is soothing, impressionistic.

We know, too, that Spring will come and we’ll wear flowers in our hats…if not our hair!

Thanks to Charlotte, Ruth, Stacia, Allanah and everyone else who has shared their love of quilting, and their artistry. Stay warm and safe out there!

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