Quilts with Trains and Trucks

Good Morning again from 24 Blocks. Yesterday we featured some baby quilts. This morning we’d like to show some for the older kids, of all ages, who love trains, trucks and all kinds of construction equipment. They show, too, the varying forms of art that we can incorporate into our work. Thanks go to Faith, Sandra and Lynn for sharing them with us.

from Faith Spencer: “My 6 yr old grandson moved to NYC last year. He instantly became obsessed with subway. I had the fabric created for this and design the border.”

Many of us don’t have to be six to love trains of all kinds and see great design in the colorful subway maps. It’s a great way, too, for a child of any age to learn the geography of a new city. We love how Faith did this, using the colors from the map in the border. The whole work is creative and, as all grandmothers know, there’s not much better than creating something that will bring delight to a grandchild. Thanks, Faith, for showing it to us.

from: Sandra Griffin Earle: “Small lap quilt I made for my husband. He has been in construction over 50 years.”

Sandra’s quilt for her husband is such a great tribute for his 50 years of building. It’ll be loved by their family for generations and is part of that quilting tradition of telling a story. All of us who love machines, trucks, dozers, cranes, etc can really enjoy it.

from: Lynne Pillus: “This is AutoCar, one of my Mechanical Quilts”

Lynn’s work is like a wonderful abstract painting. It is, in our opinion, elegant in its simplicity, a work of art.

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