She Starts With an Old Ironing Board, When She’s Done, You’ll Never Buy a New One Again!


Every once in a while, we notice that our ironing board gets a little beat up. It makes sense, we are using it all the time. Between ironing our dress shirts and pressing our quilting pieces, our ironing board gets a lot of wear and tear. Instead of buying a new ironing board, we thought why not just fix the one we already have!

In the following tutorial from Wendi Gratz, we learn how to make a new cover and a new pad for our ironing board. We just love this project because ironing boards can be really expensive, and the less money we have to spend on the boring stuff, the more money we can spend on beautiful fabric and other fun quilting supplies. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, right? So the next time your ironing board is in need of some TLC, we say do it yourself!


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