Restrained Elegance in White

Appliqued, embroidered and embellished quilts using a solid white background have long been prized for their elegance. They give the quilting artist a chance to show elaborate quilting that is as much a feature of the work as the added design.

This afternoon we’re highlighting three that have been shared by our readers. They all are elegant and creative while being fresh and restrained. They are a good thing to see on a Monday afternoon. Our thanks go to Marcella, Lisa and Christine for sharing them with us.

from: Marcella Brown: “This is my latest project. Completed just in time for the Marion County Fair. If I win a ribbon for this original work, I can cross an item off my bucket list.”

from: Lisa Wright Villarreal: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! This is my first micro stippling wall quilt made for my daughter. It a “season trees. pattern.”

from: Christine LeClair: “This is a quilt I made in memory of my father who passed away last year. The floral wreaths around the edge are place marks for family and friends to sign. I had promised to enter it into my guilds quilt show last weekend. At the last minute, maybe 40 hours before due, I cut apart my original design as I decided it was too busy and salvaged some of the appliquÈd flowers and redid the quilt! I am insane. I did not expect to win or even place in the judging, but I did! 3rd place in traditional wall hangings! Proving I do my best work on no sleep and in high stress . Plus as a bonus, I have a bunch if leftover appliquÈd flowers I can use in another project . Perhaps dad needs two memorial quilts !”

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