This Technique is a Great Way to Give Your Quilt an Interesting Effect!


If you are new to quilting or new to the various appliqué techniques, then we would like to recommend you check out reverse appliqué!

As opposed to traditional appliqué that involves sewing a fabric shape to the top of a base fabric, reverse appliqué actually involves cutting the outline of the shape, and letting it peek through from the backing fabric!

Reverse appliqué is a great way to give your project some interesting visual effects, and you can get really precise shapes as well. If you are new to reverse appliqué, you may want to start with a basic shape like a circle (as shown in the video below).

Follow along with this tutorial from Fons & Porter, and you will be a reverse appliqué master in no time! We promise!

When you’re done with your project, be sure to take a few pictures and show us how it turned out!


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