Saturday Cats on Quilts

This is so beautiful! We want to thank Lorraine Hunt for sharing it with our 24 Blocks Facebook community. There’s a rainbow out the window with butterflies and blowing leaves and the cat watching it all. The border is golden in feel. Our readers have loved it. Thanks again, Lorraine, for your post! We’re inspired!


Isn’t this delightfully playful? Quilter Lorna McMahon posted it on our 24 Blocks Facebook page and it’s been very popular with our community. Notice how the quilting looks like yarn after it has been unwound by some frisky kittens. And the cat at the bottom is doing that “Who me?” look while the one at the top appears draped over the bookshelf. Lorna writes “The first quilt I ever made was for my daughter. She loves cats and she loves to read. Sew I designed a quilt for her with cats on and around a bookshelf.”. The design is just wonderful. Lorna blogs about quilting, too, over at Sewfreshquilts. Thanks so much, Lorna, for sharing your creativity talent with us!

Pat Spencer got to enjoy traveling and quilting after her husband retired. Her cat got to come along and help. Pat writes “My Bears claw quilt I made while hubby and I were traveling in our RV for the first 2 1/2 years after he retired. My Kitty laid on it while I was making the blocks, piecing it together and while it was being quilted. Only fits that she was the first to take a nap on it.”. We agree! Thanks, Pat, for sharing your quilt and your cat with us.

Donna Asala‘s cats know a good spot to “hide”. She says “These two like cuddling on a quilt so much they couldn’t wait for it to be finished. Of course it had to be loaded on the frame again. :)”. Thanks, Donna; we all smiled at this one!


Laura Manson‘s cat is helping to keep the blocks in place. Laura writes about the quilt that it is “an intermediate weave quilt, made up quickly once you get used to the cutting rotation…I’m calling this one Web of Blues!” Thanks, Laura, for sharing the quilt and cat with us at 24 Blocks.

Ok, we’re letting a dog in, too. This is Phyllis Baas‘s Melvin. He always tests the quilts, she says, to make sure they are comfortable. We love the quilt, too. Notice that the blocks are Christmas presents! It’s beautiful. Thanks, Phyllis, for posting it and Melvin. He has good taste!

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