September 1 – Featured Quilts on 24 Blocks

from: Brenda Jennings DeVore: “Machine pp. and hand quilted. I made this for my GD. Her favorite colors.”

from: Barbara Janz-Buchholtz: “My sister in law asked me to make a wall hanging depicting my brothers and my childhood. Since we started out in northern Wisconsin in a cabin I selected this one to make.”

from: Barbara Janz-Buchholtz: “This quilt pattern is called Around the World. Made all by hand (full bed size). This was a wedding gift to my husband and I on June 1, 1957. My Aunt Dorothy Janz from Chicago,IL and later from Hazelhurst, WI made it. It has been well worn and now hangs in all it’s softly worn beauty.”

from: Arlene Jones: “Made for my daughter, a depiction of the LDS Temple in Idaho Falls Idaho”

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