Have You Used Sequins Trims? They’re Versatile, Beautiful, And You Can Quilt With Them!

Who doesn’t love something that sparkles? We swear it is in our DNA to be attracted to pretty, sparkly and crafty things!

With that said, ever since we came across this tutorial from Laura at SewVeryEasy, we have been buzzing about Sequins Trims. They are so pretty and versatile, and allow us to turn an everyday item into something absolutely extraordinary; we are sure there is nothing more empowering than that, don’t you agree?

In the following video, Laura shows us some great examples for using these sequins trims using various jars, mirrors and fabric! We also think they would look great worked in to our quilting and sewing projects (we are specifically thinking projects like coasters or table runners to make them even more festive).

What would you like to make with some sequins trims? Let us know in the comments below!


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