Once You Learn To Piece Set-In Seams, Nothing Can Stop You!

Whether you are new to quilting or just need a refresher, set-in seams can seem a bit daunting, so today we are going to try and clear up some of the confusion and open up your world to more projects that you may otherwise avoid in an effort to avoid this particular technique.

So what are set-in seams?

Set-in seams, also known as Y-seams, are used when you are making a block that can not be put together with straight, continuous seams. When sewing set-in seams, it is important to stop stitching at the place where the seam allowances on the pieces cross.

In the following tutorial from Fons & Porter, Colleen and Jean give us a lesson on how to piece set-in seams. Follow along, and don not let set-in seams stop you from quilting ever again! Got it?


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