Show Your Sewing Machine Some TLC With A Beautiful, Handmade Cover!

We love a project that solves a problem we really were not even aware we had, don’t you?

That is where our trusty friend, Vanessa at Crafty Gemini Creates, always seems to come to our rescue! In this case, the situation is our beloved sewing machine that ends up sitting on our dining room table all day everyday. While we love that beloved machine, it is not always our favorite thing to stare at and we know could probably benefit to be left out of the elements of potential spills when not in use.

This is why we think this cover is so great! It is a nice way to spruce up our workspace, so even on the days when we do leave everything set up on the table, it’s not quite as out of place or an eye sore for the rest of the evening. Follow along with Vanessa and feel free to send in pictures of your newly covered sewing machines when you’re done!


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