Stay Organized In Style With This Sewing Tool Roll-up Holder!

Whether you are looking to organize your work area, or are looking for a convenient way to take your art tools on the road, we have a great project for you today!

In the following video tutorial from Alanda Craft, you can learn how to make this sewing tool roll-up holder! It is so pretty, unbelievably simple, and quite versatile in its usefulness. While we are planning to use ours for many of our sewing tools, you could also use this for paint brushes, crochet hooks or whatever you want to keep in your roll-up holder; you can feel good knowing they are safe and easily transportable.

When I am finished making one for myself, I am going to be sure to make one for some of my other quilting or crafty friends too! It’s either I make them automatically or they’ll ask me for a pattern or to make them one anyway!!


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