Some Bright Quilts from our Members

This quilt, posted by 24 Blocks member Linda Longenecker, says “It’s a sunny day”. Just look at all the blocks! We’re guessing a thousand. Linda’s taken a traditional design and used bright modern fabrics to make a bright and happy work of art. Thank you, Linda, for sharing it with us.

Barbara Gibson writes ” I had a lot of scraps to use up (still do), so this helped pare down the pile a bit… scrappy around the world quilt…it’s also backed with leftovers, so I only spent what it took to bind it and make the pillowcases to match :>))”. Yes, we quilters are artistic and thrifty! Thanks, Barbara, for inspiring us. We’d love, too, to know about your bed headboard. 🙂

Angel Craddock created this quilt top for her granddaughter and is in the process of quilting it. We love the feeling dancing brightness. Notice the litle girl dancers in the corners. Thanks, Angel, for sharing it with us.

Nannette Perez posted this photo of her beautiful quilt that has, sad to say, been lost. Many of us, including those of us at 24 Blocks can relate to that…to the vintage quilt that accidentally got thrown out during a move, the one lost in a natural disaster. We love this and are glad to be able to use this photo to share its bright beauty.

Marcia Kim
“Pour La Joie De Vivre”. Our thanks go to Marcia Kim for posting this photo of the quilted banner she and Peggy Coates made for the King of the Mid City Krewe in New Orleans. Mid City is the 5th oldest continuously parading organization in the city’s Mardi Gras season. It’s a vibrant part of American history. Thanks, Marcia, and have a good parade.

Thank you all for posting your art to 24 Blocks!

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