Some Of Our Favorite Crazy Quilts!

Have you ever made a crazy quilt before? We just love them, and decided to feature some of our favorite, user-submitted projects! Learn more about crazy quilts here, take a look at the quilts below, and give it a shot. And don’t forget to share your photos!

from: Beth Casebolt: “Crazy Hearts Quilt. Queen size. From Chef Beth in Montana.”

from: Deloris Linson-Rose: “Lamia’s MY MONSTERS! crazy quilt created for my niece. It took three years to make. There are 65 patches, each hand embroidered with monsters. Friends and family provided their own creations or stories of their favorite monsters. Mine is Medusa, the symbol of protection and the origin for the legend of Lamia. I would guess there are well over 100 different embroidery stitches used….I didn’t repeat any …..and I’m not going to count! I used the traditional way to create the crazy quilt; everything is held together by embroidery stitches, because I don’t know how to sew!”

from: Barbara Fisher: “A crazy log cabin from the The Quilt Pattern’s magazine”

from: La Albaum: “A friend taught us to make a crazy 9 patch. I have had way too much fun making it!”

from: Deborah Wiese: “Abby’s Crazy Quilt”

from: Sandra Roberts: “My latest project. Using my leftover scraps. I’m calling it my Crazy Nine Patch. I just sewed them together at random. What do you think?”

from: Connie Eaton: “Crazy little quilt!!! “

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