Some Quilts that Speak of Memory and Hope and Challenges Met

Whenever we have quilts that were done by family members long ago, or ones we finish for them, or the quilts we make in celebration, there’s a tug at the heart. Memories and Hope and so much more get stitched in. Here are a few we’ve selected this morning that seem to speak. As always, quilters talk in the language of fabric and thread and art.

from: Barbara Handshy Anderson: “I just finished this quilt for my mother. It was made from scraps that belonged to my grandmother. I received her scraps when she passed away in 1987 and I couldn’t bring myself to part with them. I made these Dresden Plates about 20 years ago and finally did something with them. Yes I am the world’s slowest quilter.”

from: Sharon Mills: “While doing my treatments I decided to create my own “Memory Quilt.” Everyone associated with my journey from the technician who took the initial mammogram to the surgeon, nurses, gals I met in the waiting room to personal friends who are survivors signed a 4 1/2″ square of fabric. These names were then stitched into a quilted throw. A very dear friend then did the longarm quilting. Each square has it’s own ribbon.”

from: Amanda Curtiss: “This is a quilt I just finished for my grandmother. She told me her grandmother had made one with the little dutch girls on it that she always wanted, but one of her sisters got it. I saw a quilt similar to this on this site and loved it. So I decided to do something similar.”

from: Dee Snook: “When my mother died I found a lot of pieces of my grandmother’s embroidery crochet in her linen closet and then it went into mine. I thought that someday it would all be thrown out, so I cut up pieces to make a quilt for my daughter, along with photos of my grandmother, etc. Now I have to make quilts for my dtr-in-law and gr-dtr with the rest of the pieces. I think they’ll be preserved better in a quilt than in the closet.”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with us all at 24 Blocks!

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