Stack, Whacking and Wonders in One Block

Good afternoon from 24 Blocks. Don’t you love the cascading color in both Stack n Whack quilts and One Block Wonders? They banish boredom! Here are three that have been shared with us recently by our readers. If you haven’t tried a Stack n Whack yet, or a One Block Wonder, there are many books and online resources available on the technique as well as classes at quilt shops and at quilting retreats. They may be contemporary, but they also can be like jewels.

Thanks go to Lea Anna, Lorraine, Ruth and everyone else who has shared photos of their work and who have encouraged others.

from: Lea Anna Hughes: “My latest stack and whack!”

from Lorraine Hunt: “My new “One Block Wonder” quilt top made from a Hawaiian print.”

from: Ruth Veler Gale O’Neil: “I recently made this One Block Wonder for Quilts of Valor for a facility for women veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

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