Struggling for the Right Summer Lipstick

Yes, this is about quilt color. But we all know what it’s like to try to find the right summer lipstick color. Somehow we think it ought to be a bit bolder, more saturated in a clear tone, but yet light. Somehow it needs to be more like strawberries and watermelons and raspberries with a bit of peach thrown in. It has to look good with a little black dress as well as everyday shorts and shifts and jeans and all the things we wear just to be comfortable. It has to be, somehow, Chanel on a city street but healthy-natural at the farmer’s market. Somehow we suspect that the right color is a red-orange, but it’s a struggle to find just the right one. We don’t want the Tangee orange from the beach movies of the late ’50’s or the dark red of movie divas. We know there’s just the right shade somewhere and it’s clear, intense, bold, but yet goes on light.

It’s the same way in finding just the right shade of red-orange to use in quilts. We’ve noticed that, with all the hundreds of quilts that are shared with our 24 Blocks quilting community, that very few use a clear red-orange. Maybe it’s like trying to find the right lipstick.

Here are some that have it right. They are all very different. We love the color!

from: Angela Kells: “Garden Pathways”

from: Nancy Gailey: “This Quilt made to Celebrate Applegate Fire Dept’s 100th year of existance – 2014. Center embroidery by Michelle’s Embroidery – like their jacket emblems. I built around it.”

from: Tanya Good: “A photo from Tanya”

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