Sunbonnet Sue: April 5

Sue is always loved by quilters. Whether she’s still and looking straight ahead in the vintage quilts of years gone by, or having fun in some of today’s, she always seems to carry some surprize. Who is she underneath that bonnet?

Tonight we’d just like to show off some of the Sue’s posted by our readers over the last few months. Some are new, some you may have seen before. All make us smile.

Beverly Castellacii-Aguilar’s Sue is new and fresh and modern. She’s active. She has a life. She changes each month. She doesn’t even wear the same dress and bonnet more than once! She even seems to have a decent shoe wardrobe! Beverly writes,

“Imade this quilt for our oldest grand daughter, Nicky. It is Sunbonnet Sue around the year and most were my design. I also wrote a poem for each month. June is her birthday month…. therefore the birthday cake!This quilt is all hand appliqued, embroidered & quilted.

Notice, too, that bonnets form some of the quilting pattern in the borders. It’s truly very creative and something any granddaughter would love her entire life.

Notice that the traditional plain Sue is showing a bit of boldness in this one by Georgie Palmerini-Celli. She has decoration on two bonnets and lace trim on one dress. It is just very sweet and has been popular with our readers.

Lita Hulsey‘s Sue isn’t boxed in; she seems free. She has a heart over her head and a very fine dress and bonnet. She looks like she’s going somewhere. Lita also showed another one of her Sue’s that was embroidered and in which she was assisted by her granddaughters. It shows Sue looking down at a flower and is all in red.

We’ve shown Kathleen Castillo‘s Sue before, but just have to highlight it again. It is new, not a vintage quilt although it follows some of the traditional styling. This one is more vibrant and the nine-block cornerstones allow the sashing to be more dramatic. And, of course, Sue always likes having dolls around.

Pam Tolman‘s embroidered Redwork Sue stands out against the yellow background. She’s carrying a basket and clearly at home with the rabbit and flowers. Notice that she doesn’t have an apron on but has very fancy sleeves.

Pat Spencer rescued these Sue blocks at a garage sale. She writes that the blocks were mostly done and she only had to add a few more to finish it up. She said that the lady who started the work did an incredible job. Note the pillows, too!

Our thanks go to all of you for sharing your work with our readers. Quilters keep old traditions alive and make new ones.

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