Sunny is Always Good for a Quilting Day

This morning the sun is shining where we live and several of the quilts that have recently been shared with us all at 24 Blocks just seem to shine, too. Just as quilters historically looked forward to sunny days to stitch by the light coming through the window, we love quilts that reflect that light. We hope this morning’s selected quilts will inspire you! As the old song goes, “Let the Sunshine In”. A bit of yellow or gold seems to brighten up many differing quilting palettes!

Thanks go to Linda for two of her quilts shown here and to Phyllis for the lovely baby quilt!

from: Linda Deis: “Several years ago I made a One-Block-Wonder quilt. When you make one,you end up with a bunch of orphans that just don’t fit. These are the orphans. I found them in a bin while looking for something else. I stuck them up on the design wall, arranged them, re-arranged them and re-arranged them again. I sat back and looked moved some around and continued this process for over a week. Finally, I came up with a pattern that I liked and this was the result. My main problem was having a finite number and limited color way that I had to work together. Gave it to my Mom for Christmas. Lucky me, she lived it.”

from: Linda Deis: “First, the pattern came from a book of Tessalation quilts. The book is at my other house and I don’t know the name or the author, so I am going to ignore any comments about wanting the pattern. I made this quilt for my grandson several years ago. It was the first time I made a Tesselation pattern and it wasn’t until after I had the quilt completed and it was folded laying over the back of a chair I notice the mistake. Now I see it every time I look at the darned thing (you will, too). But Tim was a good sport and said, “So? I like it!” It’s great to have grandchildren!”

from: Phyllis Broadhurst: “This weekend I finished this quilt, which I started 15 years ago. Not sure why I put it aside, but soon it will go to my first nephews first baby. So I’ll be a great aunt. Hopefully the baby will think that too. I hope you can see I hand quilted the pitter patter baby hands and feet white hour glasses with hearts. It is backed in flannel pitter patter.”

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of quilting with our community. If you’d like to share a photo of a quilt you’ve made, or a vintage one inherited or purchased, just come to the 24 Blocks Facebook page and upload a clear photo. Please include as much of a description as possible, including the pattern name and source if you know it. We always want to credit modern pattern producers, too, and mentors and the inspiration we get from quilting guilds or groups. We love hearing stories of family quilts and those made for gifts and for charity.

Quilt On!

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