An Old Block Done In A New Way Brings Us This Surprise Pinwheels Quilt

Have you ever tried putting a block together in a new and different way? We are sure that we have all done it and yet it still surprises us when we end up with a totally new and different, yet just as beautiful quilt when we are finished. That was exactly what Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company did and ended up with this beautiful quilt she is calling the Surprise Pinwheels Quilt!

In order to make this quilt, you will need one jelly roll (2 1/2 inch precut fabric strips) and background, border, and backing fabric.

Just watch as the “Sweet Stars” block transforms before your eyes into this beautiful Surprise Pinwheels; we know you will absolutely love it!

When you are done, be sure to take some pictures and show us how your gorgeous quilt turned out; we can’t wait to see it!


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