Tackling the Hard and Then Seeing the Beauty


We all know that most of the best things in life take time. Many are hard. When we look at our lives and list some of the best things and think how long they took to come about we can ususally see a trend. They take time. They take persistence. Sometimes they take just grit. Sometimes faith.

Artistic endeavors can be the same and quilting is an art. Some quilts are easier than others. We all often encourage new quilters to start out with a simple 4 Patch or Strippy quilt. Then we progress. Sometimes we wonder how our grandmothers did the quilts they did, mostly by hand. But we keep on trying new and harder designs.

We’d like to thank Janny Koorn-Rohde for her post to our 24 Blocks Facebook page. She just said, very simply, “The most difficult quilt I have ever made…

Sometimes when things are hard we don’t realize just how beautiful the end result is. The only thing we can say to Janny is “It is fantastic and a work of art!” Thank you for sharing it with us! We are inspired.

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