The Cheer for Quilted Yellow

Good Morning! We hope that the sun has come out, or is breaking through, where you live. We’re always amazed how yellow in quilts, even in s small amount, can make them seem so much brighter. This morning we’re featuring some quilts, recently posted by our readers, that have just enough yellow to make them shine. All these make extensive use of primary colors, but yellow also looks great with pastels.

So, this morning we’re giving a cheer for quilted yellow! Thanks to Debra, Jen and Helen for sharing their work with us. It’s a great way to start the day!

from Debra Ahlstrom: “I love this pattern I found on It’s called Hugs and Kisses, designed by Linda Lum Debono. As I was hand sewing the binding on I felt like I was working on pure sunshine.”

from Jen Scott: “This is quilt #3. No pattern, just a Tonga Treats pack and some experimentation. Not bad for a weekend.”

from: Helen Smith: “I just recently discovered your group/magazine – awesome. This is my 7th grandchild’s quilt – completed August 2013. Getting ready to start #8’s!”

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