The Softness of the Pinks

Good Morning from 24 Blocks! There are times when the softness of quilts with light pinks is so reassuring. Maybe it’s because so many of us grew up with appliques with pink roses or tulips or with pinks used in Grandmother’s Flower Garden or in Lone Stars. Today pinks are still used in baby quilts and for little girl rooms. We like the notion of pink quilts for grown-ups, too, especially in the summer.

Here are a few from our readers. They show differing techniques and styles and differing ways to mix pink with other colors. We’d like to say “Thank You” to Carol, Laura and Linda for sharing them with all of us at 24 Blocks.

from: Linda Putz: “fusible appliquÈ then stitched in place “

from: Laura Foerster Neidich: “Baby girl scrap quilt. Backed with pink polka-dot flannel and hand quilted.”

from: Carol Johnson Horne: “A photo from Carol”

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