The Stash, the Frame and the Cabins

Since we all love fabric it’s always interesting to see how other quilters keep their stashes. We’re entranced, too, by the tools that our ancestors used and the kinds of quilts they made. Tonight we’d like to show one fabric closet, an antique quilting frame and two photos of lovely Log Cabins. They all have a cozy feel that helps on a cold winter’s night.

from: Kenyon Hairrell: “This Quilt was made with the fabric prints that you would find in or around a log cabin.”

from: Aj Bryant: “Someone had commented on working conditions many of these 19th century (and in Appalachia, 20th century!) Quilters. This is a frame from Appalachia.”

Thank you so much, Aj, for showing us this frame. Many of us have memories of grandmothers or great-grandmothers working on homemade frames like this one. We’ve seen them outside on porches in the summer, and even under trees. In the winter they might have been in an upstairs hallway in front of a window. They are a part of our history.

from: Betty Mcdonald: “Log Cabin Quilts my daughter made for Christmas gifts.”

from Paula Nowak: “Spent the evening straightening my fabric closet….I actually found an empty space….guess I need to go to the quilt shop!”

Paula also adds that her husband built an addition for her sewing room and that the closets are 2 1/2 x 14 feet. She sorts the fabric by “cotton” or “flannel”. She writes that at one time she organized by color, but it was hard to put a piece back in the middle of a stack. We’re all fascinated by storage techniques. Besides, fabric stored well is so pleasing itself…a bit like a fine quilt! Thank you, Paula, for showing us your well-organized stash!

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