The Ties that Bind

Good Morning again from 24 Blocks! One of the most popular quilts that we’ve ever shown was a large one made of a beloved father’s ties. It was done in the large sunburst or sunflower motif, using the entire length of the times. Another remarkable design used a boyfriend’s silk Hermes ties to form an abstract crazy quilt. (We never asked what happened to the boyfriend… :))

This morning we’d like to feature three other quilted forms using ties. All were recently shared with us by our readers. We hope they inspire. Thanks go to Delphine, Patricia and Nina for contributing photos of their very creative works.

from: Delphine Steficek: “When family and friends are getting rid of their old ties, I secretly secure a few. I give them back in a different state. It often takes them a few minutes…or days, to realize they’ve seen these patterns before. To my uncle, this vest wall hanging. Each inside vest pocket holds a tiny charm of his many life adventures.”

from: Patricia Rolli Eger: “Pillow made from ties”

from: Nini Weaver: “Necktie quilt I made out of old ties.”

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