The Unafraid Boldness of Bright

Sometimes when we dare to use really bright colors in our quilting, we think we need to hem the colors in with some white or just something that says “Don’t get carried away.”

Tonight we’re featuring some bright and bold quilts that clearly enjoy the explosion of bright color. All are from our readers. We hope they give you some ideas on exuberance in color. Bright quilts also don’t necessarily have to be complex. There’s beauty in everything from a simple layout with hand-dyed squares to a paper-pieced sunburst.

Thanks go to Marcia, Kathleen, Maria and Laura for sharing their enjoyment of brightness in quilts.

from: Marcia Kasprzyk: “This is the first time I ventured into bold colors. I have gained a love for them since doing this quilt. Marcia Kasprzyk “

from: Kathleen Murray McKay: “I have always wanted to do a “sun burst” quilt but was afraid to try it. One day, I just did it, and loved the result. Island Sunrise was my first attempt and I’m totally hooked on paper piecing.”

from: Maria Lyons: “Did a class a few years ago on hand dyed fabric and I made this quilt from it , really enjoyed it”

There can be such marvelous intensity with hand-dyed fabrics!

from: Laura Humphreys: “A simple 4-patch in bright colors.”

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