These 3D Quilts Are Amazing! It’s Like The Art Jumps Off The Fabric!

Check out these awesome 3D quilts, made by our users!

from: Norma Vilchis Austin: “3D pin wheel …had fun making this one !!”

from: Sandra Hamor: “3D Memory quilt made for my daughter about my Granddaughter Heather. I call it “a garden of Heather” Trimmed with a crocheted border. The quilt stitch is small white flowers “

from: Norma Vilchis Austin: “My new quilt w 3 3D butterflies 60″x60″ .my first time doing the trim like that .very happy w it !!!”

from: Kristie Hillestad Cavolo: “3d Bow Tie “

from: Virginia Sue Rotoli: “3D quilting”

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