These Cathedral Window Quilts Are Breathtaking!

Check out these beautiful Cathedral Window Quilts submitted by our readers! Have you made a Cathedral Window quilt or any other quilt you’d like to share? Just upload your photos here!

from: Lynn Stollings Cook: “This is a cathedral quilt I made for the back of my couch “

from: Mary Bush: “Denim Cathedral windows. I love doing this pattern .”

from: Marilyn Pollock Johnston: “Here is my Cathedral Window quilt. It is all done by hand. I felt it was dirty from handing while sewing for over a year so I washed it. It is made of vintage muslin so it crinkled and wrinkled from washing. I wanted to iron it but my hubby said I should leave it. I took it with me to my quilt group and my fellow quilters agreed it should not be ironed as the crinkling added to the vintge look. I entered it in the county fair and was disppointed to get a white ribbon on it. I could hardly wait to see the judges written comments to see what I had done wrong. I picked it up from the fair today. The comment on the back of the tag read ” Very nice Vintage(underlined) cathedral window piece. Thanks for exhibiting it” Lol guess I made it a litttle bit too vintage.”

from: Patty Marks: “I turned this Cathedral Window into a Signature Quilt for my son’s wedding.”

from: Misty Ann Belmont: “Cathedral window quilt”

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