These Landscape Quilts Are Like A Mini-Vacation!

Did you catch our post about Landscape Quilts? If not,check it out here!We received so many gorgeous photos from our readers that we had to share them! Take a look below, and share your photos too.

From Angel– “Yep! It’s all raw edge appliqué. Very abstract. Based on Tim Fitzharris’s photo Cyprus Grove, Lake Fausse Pointe (full permission to use). Now that I’m a little more experienced I would have done it entirely different, but thought I would share since it looks like a similar Hoffman jelly roll as the photo above.”

From Lynn– “This was my first. A few from our deck in Hawaii.”

From Lynn– “Most recent – St. Kitts. I have a large collection of landscape fabrics and am always on the hunt for tree which are the hardest to find.”

From Sandra– “Landscapes are my favorite!”

From Sandra– “And here is my Nights End over Mt. Baker quilt.”

From Gleena– “My first landscape and strip quilt.”

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