Today’s Featured Quilts: July 10

All the quilts featured tonight were shared with us by members of our 24 Blocks Facebook community. The captions are in their own words. We do inspire each other!

“Icaught the spiral bug! This is a paper-pieced quilt that I made based on the cover of RaNae Merrill’s Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.” — Abby Josias Van Buskirk

(note: Those of you interested in Ms. Merrill’s fantastic spiral designs can find out more at Her books are also available at most major bookstores and online.)

“Imade this quilt from a picture my granddaughter sent to me. It was a challenge without a pattern but it turned out pretty good. She was pleased.” — Claudia Graham

“Thisis a quilt I made for my daughter. It’s the size of the top of a queen size bed. The pattern is my version of a disappearing nine patch. The solid square patches are 2.25″ and each square in the nine patches measures .75”. It was all a guess as to how much fabric to buy and I hadto lay out the pattern on grid paper then individually count how many of each of the squares and nine patches I needed. I had a fellow guild member machine quilt it for me. I really like how it turned out, but REALLY need to learn how to do simpler designs. Then maybe I could finish more than one piece a year! Lol.” — Becki Leavitt

And we’d like to end tonight with a very special quilt that has meaning for many….


“Quiltmade for my husband, who returned to the Coalmines after being out of them for several years. It’s titled “Honoring a Coalminer”. Thank you Larry for all that you do…” — Diana Beverage

(note: Diana also writes that the background quilting shows coalminers at work. The outline of West Virginia is in the center. Those of us who have been around the mines and know the skill and dedication of miners know they are heroic day in and out. They not only provide for their families, they help keep the lights on for all of us.)

Our thanks go to everyone who has posted great photos of their work and shared their stories. All the quilts are very beautiful and show creativity and artistry. Our craft is a part of history.

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