Today’s Featured Quilts: July 12

Yes, we can start thinking about Christmas. This beautiful and very intricate quilt was started in 2000 by Cathy Macias. The pattern came from Oxmoor House Publications. Cathy made many quilts since starting this one, but we all know that sometimes the real challenging quilts take a few years to fully form in our minds. Cathy finished it up this year. It is a showpiece of skill and patience and art. Thank you, Cathy, for sharing it with all of us at 24 Blocks!

Carol Bohon has had the wonderful experience of getting to finish a vintage quilt started by her paternal grandmother in the 1940’s or 50’s. Her grandmother had pieced the top by hand in the classic nine-patch and using feedsack cloth. Carol writes,

Whatan amazing experience to hand work on something your grandmother also hand worked on ! I was probably not in her vision of the one who would finish it ! I treasure this quilt !

We all can imagine that feeling. Thank you, Carol, for letting us see the work done by both you and your Grandmother. It’s complete now. Your Grandmother also would not possibly have imagined that her quilt top would be seen by many, many people via the Internet.

We all always love to hear stories of quilting guilds or retreats, especially when quilts are made for charity. Betsy Ortloff posted this one and shares the story,

“Picturedis a “Scrappy Quilt” that is being donated to a Cancer Treatment Centerin Duluth, MN. The scrappy squares were all made while at a QuiltingRetreat… Those of us that attended the Retreat decided that rather than taking a few squares home we’d put them all together to make a quilt for someone fighting cancer. In the picture is Olive, a young 90 year old who sewed all the squares together, put the backing on, bound the edges and tied the quilt. We have our Retreats twice a year and we’ve decided that we’ll make squares for charity quilts at each Retreat! It’s a nice way to help someone feel loved and cared about while they fight their cancer battle!”

Thank you, Betsy, for brightening our evening. Please say hello, also, to Olive for us.

“Quilty Girlfriends” can always work great things. Katy Sanchez shared this photo and wrote,

Madeby our small quilty girlfriends group about 3 years ago for the group, Soldier’s Angels. It went to a young serviceman or woman who was currently serving in the war.

There’s always a time when Angles are needed. Thank you, and your group, Katy!

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