Today’s Featured Quilts: July 9

All of the quilts we’ve selected to feature tonight were made by members of our quilting community at 24 Blocks on Facebook. The captions are in their own words. We inspire each other and show that, as always, quilting is a grassroots art.

“Thisis a variation on the Double Wedding Ring quilt that is easy enough forbeginners, but looks very similar to the traditional pattern.” — Beth Vavrina

A classic Double Wedding Ring in wonderful condition, posted by Sue Cole.

“Thisis my Mom-In-Law’s birthday quilt, made a year ago. It turned out to betoo heavy for Mom to use on her bed, so she passed it on to our daughter – thus a family quilt tradition is born!” — Starr Stuff on Etsy

“Irecently stumbled on a file of pictures of quilts I made several years ago, and donated to charity. This one jumped out at me. I had completelyforgotten about it.
The cool thing is that this is a quilt I salvaged. My daughter picked out the fabrics and started it, but lost interest. It sat in our basement for a couple of years, at least. I wasn’t wildly enthusiastic about it, but decided I wanted it finished and out of the house. I now remember that I agonized over the selection and placement of the light/dark pink setting triangles around the sides.
Now, seeing it like this, I am delighted with it. While not sophisticated, it is bright and cheerful. I hope whoever got it is enjoying it.
Dorothy LaBounty

And we’d like to end tonight with a quilt that has been very popular with our readers. Can you find the flip-flops?

“Myfirst twin size quilt for my God daughter. I thought I’d never finish it. My goal was to try different patterns in each square. I think it turned out pretty decent.” — Traci Lynch

Thank you all for sharing your work with us all. It’s such an inspiration!

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