Turtles and a Lizard

Yesterday was World Sea Turtle Day and, if you follow the news, there were wonderful photos and videos published of sea turtles coming ashore to make nests. We all know, too, that sea turtles are a popular motif for Hawaiian style quilts. Known as “honu”, sea turtles held a special place in ancient Hawaiian mythology. In varying legends it is a bearer of good luck, a symbol of the life force. They swim hundreds of miles to go home to lay their eggs, manifesting that urge many of us feel to “go home again”.

We added Sara’s colorful lizard quilt, too. We think it is the Kuna Mola lizard fromkareneckmeier.com. The lizard has traditionally been a motif on clothing panels, known as molas, worn by the Kuna peoples of Panama.

Our thanks go to Marie, Ellen and Sara for sharing with us these modern quilts with a rich heritage.

from: Sarah Eloise Case: “First leaping Lizard in color!”

from: Marie Stern: “This is a gift to my Hawaiian friends for having us at their home for a week. The pattern was enlarged quite a bit from a 12″x12″ square wall pattern. I made it to fit a twin bed.”

from: Ellen Johnson Revis: “This is a hand appliqued/machine quilted wall hanging I made entitled, “Mommy and Me” for my daughter and her son. I used flannel as the batting and it seemed to make machine quilting much easier. This is entirely my own pattern so there will never be another one like it and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of making it.”

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