Get Inspired By These Gorgeous, User-Submitted Dresden Plate Quilts!

Our love for the Dresden Plate block is well-documented, but apparently, you love it just as much as we do (and who could blame you, they’re absolutely gorgeous)! We’ve decided to comb through our photos and feature some of the beautiful, user-submitted pieces. Check them out below and get inspired!

from: Kim Putnam: “Since you posted a very pretty Dresden thought you would enjoy seeing my Blue and White one.”

from: Susan Hull: “This quilt is in “Thoroughly Modern Dresden” by Anelie Belden. I used 27 different fabrics and my husband loves it. It will be in the Manteca Quilters show this coming March.”

from: Barbara Gibson: “Do any of the rest of you have a block you love so much, you just can’t quit making it? For me, it’s Dresden Plates… here’s the latest “stack” of flannel plates waiting to become a baby quilt…Merry Christmas to all of you out there….don’t forget to take time to sew amidst all the hustle and bustle!”

from: Janice Kovich: “Dresden plate quilt”

from: Kathy Baggett Roethler: “Not your typical Dresden Plate pattern. Added a little attitude on mine. “

from: Barbara Gibson: “For you Dresden lovers…can’t remember if I’ve ever shared these others….”

from: Sue Fitzpatrick: “my latest, Dresden Plate”

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