Valentine’s Quilts

We all know that Valentine’s Day comes from the Feast of St. Valentine. According to some accounts St. Valentine, probably named Valentinus, was imprisoned in Rome for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Later that chronicler of romantic love, Chaucer, wrote of St. Valentine’s Day and gradually it became associated with the declaration of love, mainly of the romantic variety with Cupid piercing our hearts. Now, it is a day we celebrate all kinds of love, that of family, of friends, of memory…and lovers. It’s just so nice we have a day celebrating Love!

Here are a few quilts, recently shared by our readers, that celebrate the day. We hope you enjoy them. Let the Love be spoken, or at least quilted!

from: Pauline Johanik: “In honor of valentines day…and quiliting from the heart”

from: Marlene Sheetz Evans: “My daughter’s birthday quilt. She was born on Valentine’s Day.”

from Melinda Castleberry: “I made this after my Mama passed away in December. I call it My Box of Chocolates. The hearts on the sides were paper pieced from a free pattern by Carol Doak.

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